Introducing Nigel


Nigel started learning the bagpipes in his local boys’ brigade in a suburb of Glasgow. The early years were mainly playing with the boys’ brigade band at church parades and local fetes. Shortly before leaving for England, Nigel played with the boys’ brigade band at Ibrox stadium in Glasgow which was a great experience. Nigel then joined an English grade 4 competition band and was with them until the band disbanded. The band had spells of achieving 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes at almost every competition entered which was a great success. After 2 years, Nigel became a founding member of the Quorn RBL pipe band. The band took on various prestigious events such as game fares held at Kelmarsh Hall, Weston Park and Parham Park.

In 2005, Nigel was honoured to play his pipes on a Sunday afternoon at a local stately home for a Lord. Little did he know in the same year, he was to meet another Lord who offered him a residency for his organised wedding parties. It was also in 2005, that Nigel played his first Burns’ Supper at a local village hall. Nigel has played every year since and has also taken on more solo engagements such as weddings, birthdays, funerals and corporate events.