Introducing Chris


Chris grew up in a small village just a few miles from Gretna Green, being a focal point for wedding venues it was not long after his 15th Birthday that he played at his first professional gig as a Piper. Chris has a huge amount of experience playing in front of crowds between 5 and 500. Most of Chris’ piping events are weddings and funerals however he has also played at other interesting engagements, including; a surprise birthday appearances in a local park at 7am, piping from the sunroof of a moving car and playing as an alarm clock for hungover festival goers. 

Over the years Chris has played for three different pipe bands and attended several piping competitions as a band member and a solo player. He also spent three years as club secretary of the Shropshire Highland Piping Society, at which he gained vast amounts of experience of the piping world.