Funeral Bagpiper

“Hire a bagpiper for a funeral”

Hire a funeral bagpiper and leave a musical lasting memory

A funeral is a time for reflection and remembering the life of a loved one. A bagpiper playing at the beginning or end is sure to leave a lasting memory.

Burial or Cremation Services
Matthew can provide music for both a burial or cremation. Below is an outline of what could be arranged:

  • Lead the hearse and coffin into the service
  • Lead the coffin to the burial site
  • Play during committal
  • Play in the background once the minister has completed his/her sermon
  • Lead the hearse and coffin into the service
  • Play within the service during committal
  • Play whilst guests gather their thoughts over the flowers

The above is just a guide and can be altered where necessary or where permissions allow.

Check out Matthew playing ‘Highland Cathedral’ in the grounds of Golders Green crematorium, London. 

Contact Matthew direct for more details. 

Matthew McRae - Hire a funeral bagpiper
Pictured outside the Garden of England crematorium, Kent