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TPE Promise:

  • Don’t let your event be spoiled by bad sounding bagpipes
  • There are many ‘so-called’ pipers out there that give piping a bad name & take advantage of this myth that ‘All bagpiping sounds the same’
  • A low price point does not always signify Value for Money
  • All pipers personally vetted by Matthew for quality, giving you peace of mind that you’re in safe hands (Be cautious of other music agencies as they do not fully vet their pipers for quality)
  • Client experience is at the heart of TPE. Expect a reliable, punctual, enthusiastic & smartly dressed piper guaranteed
  • Book with confidence at The Piping Experience

What makes a complete piper?

  • Technique: An accurate technique during finger movements & embellishments without mistakes nor cross over noises
  • Tone: Stability of tone through-out the whole tune & during note changes. This is an important attribute to listen out for & separates the juveniles/novices with the professionals
  • Musicality: Clear concise playing which is musical & pleasurable to the ear
  • Repertoire: A varied repertoire & not just simple slow airs
  • Comfort: Comfortable playing without panic, nor a look of fighting their instrument. Look for a piper who is comfortable playing their instrument & is enjoying it
  • Grading: Pipers are graded from Grade 1 to Grade 4, Grade 1 being the highest level of ability
  • If you are unsure of any of the above, and would like further guidance or advise, please do not hesitate to make contact