Roger H

Introducing Roger H


Roger is an accomplished piper stretching many years with multiple accolades to his name, some include a silver medal in the Gillies cup and Oban competitions. Roger has been the Senior Pipe Major of the Edinburgh Tattoo for a while now, and with such titles comes much responsibility in its preparation and lead up. Roger was also the Lone Piper in the year 2000, where he played a stirring “Flowers of the Forest” on the castles turret.

Roger is a former Scots Guard Piper and ex Pipe Major of The Surrey and British Airways Pipe Band. He is holder of a British Army Pipe Major’s certificate, an advanced Royal Pipe Band Association certificate and a College of Piping teaching certificate.

Roger is available for all types of events, including, weddings, birthdays, funerals, corporate functions, media events and any other engagement where a piper would compliment the day/evening.