Introducing Shonagh


Shonagh has played the Bagpipes for over 15 years. She began in the Scottish Borders where she was taught by the Pipe Major of the local Pipe Band, and where she also achieved a grade A at Advanced Higher Music in school. Shonagh then moved to Edinburgh for University and gained tuition from established musicians in both Edinburgh and Glasgow through private tuition and at the National Piping Centre of Scotland.

Shonagh’s experience in performing spans across both Pipe Band events and Solo events/occasions across the UK and abroad. Here are some examples; weddings, birthdays, family events, funerals, cruise ships, concerts (including Jethro Tull’s Charity Christmas Concert and the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra’s Concert) and the Scottish Music Parade Tour in Germany. Shonagh has also performed in multiple Military Tattoos, including The Royal Edinburgh Tattoo (2017-2019) and performed with Pipers Trail (the House band of the Edinburgh Tattoo) in Germany, Norway, Prague, China and Australia.

These events are located at a wide variety of venues, including; town halls, churches, the Signet Library (Edinburgh), cathedrals, Edinburgh Castle Esplanade, the ANZ Stadium (Sydney, Australia), Wedderburn Castle, hotels, Calton Hill and more.

Shonagh has also appeared in various media platforms, including; Live BBC Breakfast TV, Live Norwegian Breakfast TV, America’s Today Show Live TV, CNN Television programme, BBC Radio 2, The Sunday Post, No.1 Magazine, The Berwickshire News and Dnes (a daily newspaper in the Czech Republic).

Career highlights

  • Performed at Jethro Tull’s Christmas Concert
  • Performing with Pipers Trail at The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo and abroad
  • Performing solo with the Bournemouth Symphony Chorus at the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra’s WW1 Concert

Uniform options

  • No.1 Military Uniform
  • Standard Day Dress
  • Tartan includes Seaforth MacKenzie

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